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I hope these quotes and texts by J. Cole have inspired you to work towards achieving your dreams and living your best life. In this regard, here are some quotes and texts by J. Cole that inspire you to work towards achieving your dreams. 126. “You are perfect, as you are. With all your mistakes and problems, there is no need to change anything. All you have to change is the thought that you are not good enough. – J. Cole “If you don`t aim too high, then you aim too low” ~ j. cole (January 28 – 2014 Forest Hill drives) 87.

I try to write for the average listener, and I`m aware of the mainstream without selling myself. J. Cole J. Cole is widely known for his incredibly inspiring lyrics. The video begins with a strip club scene, then it follows J. Cole and one of his girlfriends as they wait outside the house of a girl (Dinah Sade) – clearly the one he visited all night with “constant alcohol and love songs”. Soon, we learn that this girl dressed in tank tops has a friend: Cole`s collaborator, Miguel. As this sequence fades, we have to wonder where Cole and his friend are going and why pieces of wood and plastic bags are attached to the top of their car.

A suspicious policeman dresses her, but he finds nothing but a shovel in the trunk and leaves her on her way. It wasn`t until the duo finally parked in the woods and removed the objects from the top of the car that the rapper`s obsession actually led to the murder. [24] 16. “Don`t want to die, `because now you`re here and I just want to be right by your side` – J. Cole, She`s Mine Pt 2 “Kind of that makes you want to let go” (J. Cole High for hours) 47. “I was a fool, spending all my time dodging in front of the school, dodging the police, getting around the rules, hugging the blocks that don`t like you” – J. Cole, 4 Your Eyez Only 44.

BRACKETS 3. “My heart is big, I want to give too much” – J. Cole, The Cut Off 117. “No rapper in the world, from Jay-Z to Tupac to Biggie, has 100% love for everything he does.” – J. Cole 73. So think about it before judging anyone. “- J. Cole 35. ” You could have bought a crib with all the bread you`ve made, I know you think that kind of gains never stops, but I want to take a minute just to tell you it`s not true” – J.

Cole, 1985 In April 2018, he released his fifth album KOD, which debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 and has since been awarded by the Recording Industry Association. of America. 11. “Every time you go to sleep, you look like you`re in heaven” – J.Cole, She`s Mine Pt 1 39. “At the bottom of the hourglass is sand representing the past in which all my demons rest, I call for help” – J. Cole, Into (KOD) 102. that they have always been together. The song debuted at number three on the U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and sold 210,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. It also launched online, filming more than 300,000 plays on Cole`s SoundCloud page in less than a day.

[3] The song aired on Urban Contemporary Radio on February 19, 2013. [18] The song has since reached number 19 on the US Billboard Hot 100, marking her second single in the US Top 20 and number 46 on the UK Singles Chart, becoming her highest single in the charts. The song also became a top-five hit on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Charts and the US Rap Songs Charts and reached number five and number three respectively. On July 15, 2013, the single was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for selling more than one million digital copies in the United States. [19] 123. “Never give up until you do your best. It is better to fail in your attempt than to wonder what could have happened if you had tried. – J. Cole And despite all these successes, he remains one of the most real rappers in the game. 13.

“Every loser has to win and every winner has to lose one day” – J. Cole, Deja Vu “The most exciting part of this song [`Power Trip`] and the reason we chose it is that it`s unlike anything that exists. It was in between and this other record that could be a bigger record, but `Power Trip` had that newer sound. Like `Power Trip`, you absolutely couldn`t point to a song on the radio and say, “Oh, that sounds like that.” Everything from the rhythm to the way I flow, you`ve never heard me so “sleepy.” I really made them verses in my cradle and loved how they felt. » [2] 127. “The further I go, the farther I feel from my ultimate goal. Because as I grow up, I get more goals. I am never satisfied. – J. Cole 84. “I put a lot of pressure on myself.

I think something isn`t enough, and I`m not going to stop until I feel like I`ve achieved it. I am never satisfied. “- J Cole 61. ” People congratulate me. I just tell them that God is good. – J. Cole 110 “I always feel like they are two key ingredients when it comes to following your dreams and making a difference that the average person finds difficult. If you really believe in it, this is the first step. The second step, you know, is the hard work that comes with it.

“- J. Cole 42. ” Sometimes I think pain is just a lack of understandingIf we could only understand everything, wouldn`t we feel pain? God must not feel pain” – J. Cole, Once an Addict 26. “I no longer bury demons, I am a vessel for the truth until I barely breathe, I sing” – J. Cole, Change Cole was born on January 28, 1985 on a military base in Germany and released his debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story in 2011. Jermaine Lamarr Cole, in the world simply as J. Cole is an American rapper, music producer, singer and composer.

Cole first sang the chorus of the song itself, until a meeting with Jay-Z, who suggested cole turn to Miguel. When J. Cole played it for Jay-Z, his first words were, `Yo, you should ask Miguel to do it,`” Cole recalls. [3] In addition to music, J. Cole also developed a nonprofit organization called the Dreamville Foundation. 43. “I control my mind, the days are hot The nights are cold, the lost are found, I am found” – J. Cole, KLAMMERN 59. I have always been aware that I do not change. “-J. Cole 14.

” Falling in love with photography, I don`t even know your name” – J. Cole, Photography 107. Imagine a long driveway. Like a dead end street, with perhaps, like seven houses. “- J. Cole 80. ” One thing you need to know about me is that I never play to lose, I always go high, and I rarely obey the rules. – J. Cole 64. “Nothing lasts forever, but at least we have those memories.” – J. Cole He also welcomes rent-free single mothers into his parents` home in North Carolina. 9pm “I understand that this message is not the coolest, but if you try, I know a better way to meditate” – J.

Cole, FRIENDS 103. Follow your heart. Don`t follow what you`ve been told to do. J. Cole 104. “I put a lot of God in my music, but not because I`m super religious. There are also a lot of demons in my music. I recognize both. – J. Cole 105. “College is not in everyone`s heart.

However, I am living proof that school does not spoil your plans. This gives you more experiences to write. In a March 3, 2013 interview with radio personality Big Tigger, Cole said the visual for his new single “Power Trip” will be filmed next week in his hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Video processing will be J. Cole`s own idea, which he mentioned in a previous interview that the idea came to his mind when he created the song. [20] On April 8, 2013, in addition to announcing the release date of Born Sinner, he announced that the Power Trip video would be released the next day, which was the case on April 9. [21] [22] J. Cole was the creative director for the video, and it was directed and directed by Nabil Elderkin and Mike Piscitelli. [23] The single marks cole`s second collaboration with Miguel, after their moderately successful single “All I Want Is You”. Shortly after the release of a five-track extended play called Truly Yours, Cole released “Power Trip” on Valentine`s Day. Asked about the single, Cole explained: The hip hop/R&B song is a sequel to his song “Dreams” from his mixtape The Warm Up, in which he is obsessed with the girl and develops his plan to kill her boyfriend. [4] J. Cole speaks of his “longest swarm of all time.” He then expressed his hopes for the song: “I`ve always wanted to use my voice to change the culture, even if it`s only a millimeter.” [5] 125.

“Keep grinding your boy, your life can change in a year. And even when it`s dark, the sun is shining somewhere.” – J. Cole 58. “It is beauty in battle, ugliness in success.” – J. Cole 54. “This year will be different, I set my intentions, that I promise to beat everything your voice hates” – J. Cole, Middle Child 25. “I know I`m blessed because your stress is more real than anything I`ve experienced” – J. Cole, Windows Pain 69.